Grow Faster

Reduce Risk. Increase Margins.

Avoid capital risk with pay-as-you-go pricing. Make higher margins with our low transaction fees. Raise average order value by providing combos, add-ons, up-sells and cross sells. Improve customer retention and boost repeat business with points and rewards.

Grow Faster

$0 Up Front Costs

You have zero risk due to $0 up front costs. We do not charge any set up, initiation or connection fee. The best part? You are free to focus on your areas of expertise – the food and the customer service – and not so much the technology upgrades.

0$ Up-front Costs White

Grow Faster

Lower Costs = Higher Margins

Only by keeping transaction fees low can your business be profitable.

We do not saddle you with exorbitant commissions, long term contracts or heavy annuities. There are no monthly ‘maintenance’ or ‘hosting’ fees. 

Because our success is tied to your performance, we get paid only when you do.

Grow Faster

Increase Accuracy and Efficiency

Increasing efficiency and reduce errors by allowing customers to self-order using a mobile phone or computer. Save time and money by receiving the print order in your kitchen. Every dollar you save adds to your bottom line. Your kitchen staff will not be as rushed during peak times as orders can be prepped in advance.

Grow Faster

Increase Restaurant Average Sales

Increasing accuracy and efficiency will help you save time and money. Every dollar you save adds to your bottom line. Your kitchen staff will not be as rushed during peak times as many orders can be prepped in advance.                

Increase profit per customer by providing add-ons. Use other tools like cross sells and up sells.

3 Reasons Why You Are Not Growing Fast Enough.

It all boils down to bottom line. You might be worried about…

Getting ‘Trapped’ in an Annuity

You are wary of another ‘annuity’. You do not like being pushed into make a commitment before seeing results.

Get Sucked In by the Low ‘Intro’ Rate.

You know the drill. Many online food ordering systems start with a low introductory rate (commission or monthly fee), then hike it up. Before long, you are in the red.

Losses Due to Slow Service and Mistakes

Taking orders over the phone and waiting for customers to decide (when in line) is a drag on your time as well as other customers. Phone orders also have a high rate of errors. Mistakes and errors lead to waste.

How We Can Help.

Zero Risk

0$ Up-front Costs White

We do not tie you up to a contract. We do not charge you a monthly service fee. You don’t have to pay a setup fee*.

Start risk-free with us.

Lower Costs

We charge a flat rate that will not go above 9.75%. 
With simple pay-as-you-go pricing, you pay only when a sale goes through. 

Improve Efficiency

With online ordering, you don’t waste any time in the order taking process. Your kitchen staff will get a complete order printout* soonest the customer places the order.

Increase Revenue

With your own website you have complete freedom to ‘Up Sell’ or ‘Cross Sell’. You may also increase your average order value by adding Combos and Add-ons.

*Requires an internet ready printer (optional)

Reduce Risk. Lower Costs and Increase Revenue.

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