Take Control

Safeguard Your Brand, Customers & Website

Secure your brand. Stop leaking customers. Take control of your list. Convert your website into a cash generating machine. Get a custom branded online ordering system.

Take Control

Build a Strong Brand

Take control of your brand. Build recognition, increase customer loyalty, and shared values. A strong brand gives you a competitive edge in market and affords you the luxury of charging a premium price. (9, 10)

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Take Control

Stop Leaking Money

Stand apart from your competitors. Increase sales revenue. Stop your guests leaking out. Keep visitors within your own website and convert them into buyers.

Take Control

Easily Manage Your Website

No coding knowledge is required. Our simple drag and drop website builder helps you create stunning banners, notices and other elements. Easily change special hours, create flash promotions. No longer do you have to rely on your web designer to make minor tweaks and updates.

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Take Control

Stop Funneling Customers to Your Competitors

Harness the power of customer data to your advantage. Take control of what’s rightfully yours. Stop your customers being captured by your competitors. Look at trends and study customer habits so you may Influence their purchase decisions. Create strategies to increase repeat visits and boost average ticket value. (11)

This Is What It Feels to Lose Control of Your Restaurant.

Are you worried about…

Lose Control of the Transaction

You are losing leverage. All your orders are processed via a third party platform. You feel helpless as ‘your’ customers now transacts with the online platform bypassing you

Don’t let your brand suffer until the only emotional aftertaste left is bitterness.

Lose your Customers

Once your customers leave your website (to the platform site), you lose control. You are locked out of important customer data. The worst part is your customer information is shared with your competitors paying a higher commission.

Not Knowing How Manage Your Website

Sometimes you need to close your restaurant temporarily, update the holiday calendar or run a flash promo. Coding is NOT your forte. You must rely on the web designer to make the smallest change to the website.

How We Can Help.

Custom Branding

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Take control of your brand by having your own custom branded ordering system. Our custom ordering system helps build recognition, loyalty, and improve competitiveness. You worked hard on building your brand, don’t lose it.

On Site Ordering

We’ll setup On Site Ordering, so your customers stay within your own website. You make the sale. Don’t outsource it to someone else. Gain a clear competitive advantage.

Self-Manage Website

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Making minor updates to your website is easy and intuitive. Update your special hours, run a special promo or create a simple banner. Our easy drag and drop features mean making changes to your website is a piece of cake.

Own Your Data

With our system you own the customer list. Their name, address, email, phone, items purchased, amount spent, last visit. You can use this list to send special promos, offer points and rewards and send reminders to those have not visited you recently

Take Back Control. Build Your Brand.

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