Be Seen

Be There. Be Found.

Build Credibility. Improve User Experience.

Use the power of mobile to your advantage.

Let your customers connect with your restaurant at their convenience. Be there when they search for you. Be found on any device be it a phone, tablet or desktop. Improve user experience. Build credibility. Gain an advantage over your competitors. 

Get your website mobile optimized.

Be Seen

Stop Losing 70% of Your Customers

About 69% of people order food using a mobile device. Don’t get left behind. With a modern responsive website, you’ll be able to capture more visitors irrespective of the device they use – be it mobile phone, tablet or desktop. (1, 2)

Responsive Mobile Sites Red

Be Seen

Be Search and Social Friendly

Prep your site to get found on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Ensure your website is compatible with social networks like Facebook and Twitter (hint: many old websites are not compatible). Have a solid foundation to be found, promoted and liked. (3, 45)

Be Seen

Make Mobile Ordering a Breeze

Ditch that unwieldy ‘static’ pdf brochure. A Dynamic Website will make it easy for people to find and select their favorite food. You can make customers feel at home by remembering their names and past orders.  The site will also help potential customers place calls and give them directions to your restaurant – with a single click. (6)

Be Seen

Capture Those Online Orders

Digital ordering is growing 300% faster than dine-in traffic and online food ordering is poised to overtake phone ordering in the US. Can people order food online from your website? If yes, are your orders ‘processed’ through a third party? Reduce high third-party fees, save time and reduce risk by having your own custom branded online ordering system on your website. (7, 8)

Why Customers (and Google) Hate Your Site.

Does your website suffer from these issues?

Website is Not Mobile Friendly

You’ve been hit by Google’s “mobile-first index” because your website is not mobile-friendly. This means your website gets demoted in search results. Fewer people see your site, and even fewer click on your links.

Not sure if your site is optimized for mobile devices? Take the Mobile Friendly Test now! (9)

Not Search Engine and Social Ready

Your site is not Search Engine Friendly. Google and other search engines maybe ignoring your site because your Meta titles and descriptions are not being optimized.
Social meta information and fallback image maybe missing.
Basic schema information may not be available

A Static & Slow Website

Your website looks old. Heavy flash and huge images make your site clunky and slow. You still have pdf brochures for menus. People pinch and zoom to read menu details and prices. Smart phone users hate your site and leave as soon as they enter. They also make a note to avoid your website in future.

How We Can Help.

Responsive Mobile Sites

Responsive Mobile Sites Red

We’ll design a responsive website with a “mobile first” approach. This means your site will ‘respond’ and render the display differently based on the screen size. Your website will look awesome and function great not only on mobile phones, but on tablets or desktops too.

Search and Social Friendly

We’ll design a site that will play nice with search engines and social platforms. 

Please note we do not provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. That said, we’ll provide free SEO tools or plugins that’ll help you optimize your website to to gain search rankings.

Dynamic Website

We’ll help convert your ‘static’ brochure site into a Dynamic Website that will give you complete control of the content. You can make quick changes across the site and keep records of your customer interactions.

Online Ordering

Our Custom Branded system automates the entire order taking process. Your dynamic site takes orders and processes payments. It helps increase sales, reduce costs and save time.

Be Seen. Be Found. Be Convenient.

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