Make Ordering Food Easy

Save Time. Increase Efficiency.

Reduce friction. Make it easier and better for your customers, staff and your business.
Minimize wait-times and eliminate mistakes. Allow customers to self-order ahead. Increase efficiency and speed of service. Ease staff pressure during peak hours. Implement online ordering today.

Make Things Easy

Done-for-You, Website

Free your time and mind from managing your website. Use our expertise and experience to make your website as effective as possible. Put your time and skills to good use managing your restaurant.

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Make Things Easy

Automate Your Promotions

Save time by automating your recurring promotions. This can be a Taco Tuesday, Sunday Special or a Daily Happy Hour. Use consumer psychology to incentivize people to make a purchase decision. (12)

Make Things Easy

Reward Your Team

Happy and content staff translate to happy and satisfied customers. Reward your waitstaff by collecting tips from your own website. (13, 14)

Make Things Easy

Increase Repeat Purchases

Increase repeat business and loyalty by keeping customer card and billing address on file. Speed up checkout completion times up to 40% faster, and boost conversion rate by 18% by implementing 1-click checkout. Allow customers to create an account so they can see their past orders, accumulate points and earn rewards. (15, 16, 17, 18)

Is Your Website Is Hurting Your Bottom Line?

Apart from managing your restaurant, you must also think of…

Managing, Updating and Securing Your Website

Web hosting not only means storing your website and, ensuring it’s online. You must also pay attention to site speed, technical issues, fix broken links, implement tracking among others. Spending time on these mundane tasks is a timesuck.

Spend Time Setting up Daily/ Weekly Promotions

Sales slowdown, people stop visiting your establishment. Things become dormant. Before long, you’ll be reducing hours and closing on certain days. One way to improve sales is to have regular promotions. That said setting up, managing and monitoring promotions are not easy. 

Poor Website Design Resulting in High Abandon Rates

Almost 70% of people abandon their shopping cart without completing a purchase. Increased friction results in more cart abandonment. Customers always choose the least path of resistance. 

How We Can Help.

Custom Managed Website

Custom Managed Websites white

We will host and maintain your site. We will also help with minor updates and or changes when necessary. You can concentrate on running your restaurant.

Automated Promotions

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Promotions will help grow your brand awareness, increase customer traffic and buildup profits. Automate your promotions to start and end on certain days. Create one-off and recurring promotions. Have countdown timers to build on people’s Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). These and other features will help your restaurant thrive.

Collect Tips for Your Staff

With your own custom ordering system, you collect tips for your staff. They’ll love you for it.

1-Click Payments

Returning customers don’t have to enter their card and billing details. Tax and tips are automatically calculated based on zip code. Reduce cart abandonment rate by making your customer’s checkout experience easy.

Done-for-You. Automate. Reward.

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